1972 Nissan Skyline 2000GTX (SOLD)


Posted on December 16 2009


JDM Legends Vehicle Inspection Form
  • Date: 12/16/09
  • VIN#: KGC10-041689
  • Year: 1972
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: Skyline (C10)
  • Int. Color: Black
  • Ext. Color: White
  • Engine Code: L28
  • Displacement: 2.8L
  • Tech: Eric


Engine Inspection














Down %














C: crankcase/rings, E = exhaust valves, I = intake valves, HG = head gasket


Mechanical Inspection

Item # Notes: Meets std. Advise/Repair
1 Engine cold high idle correct X
2 No abnormal engine noise at cold start X
3 Throttle does not stick/free movement X
4 Driveability OK during warm-up  Slight misfire when cold X
5 Hot driveability OK X
6 Engine reaches normal operating temperature X
7 Engine fan functions properly X
8 Brake pedal free play and travel is normal X
9 No excessive vibration during braking X
10 Parking brake sets and holds vehicle X
11 Inspect seatbelt condition  Fair condition, no rear seatbelts X
12 Seatbelts have full range extension & smooth operation  Manual X
13 Seatbelts lock up per specification  Manual X
14 Transmission/clutch operates smoothly X
15 Steering has normal feel in lock-to-lock turning X
16 Steering wheel centered in straight line driving X
17 Vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surface X
18 Tilt steering wheel adjustment works properly  Not equipped N/A
19 Windshield wipers function properly  One speed X
20 Windshield washer operates  Washer does not work X
21 Wiper blades are in good condition and work X
22 Wipers return to correct position when off  Manual X
23 Speedometer and odometer work properly X
24 Cruise control operation normal  Not equipped N/A
25 Heater operation normal  Heater does not work X
26 No excessive drone or vibration from engine X
27 No excessive wind whistle or buzz X
28 No excessive tire vibration at any speed X
29 No excessive steering wheel shimmy at speed X
30 Interior free of significant squeaks or rattles X
31 Radio functions properly  Radio does not work X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/repair
32 Frame/Unibody check  Rust in RR frame X
33 Inspect body surface  Fair paint/minor blemishes throughout X
39 Inspect panel alignment and fit X
40 Inspect lower body and under body for damage/rust  Various rust/see pics X
41 Inspect trunk area for damage/rust  Various rust/see pics X
42 Inspect under carpet for damage/rust  Various rust/see pics X
43 Inspect steering rack, linkage, bushings, control arms and dust boots X
44 Inspect transmission for leaks/fluid level correct  Wet/no major leaks X
45 Drive belts and hoses free of cracks or damage X
46 Inspect tires for defects, damage and inflation X
47 Inspect tread depth remaining on all tires  RF 6/32” LF 6/32” RR 8/32” LR 8/32” X
48 Inspect brakes/calipers, lines and hoses  LR brake bleeder screw broken X
49 Brake pads/shoes must have 50% wear remaining X
50 No excessive grooving /heat on rotors/drums X
51 Parking brake releases completely X
52 Inspect struts/shocks for leaks and wear  Front shocks advisable X X
53 Check exhaust system and hangers  Surface rust/no leaks X
54 No damage to engine mounts X
55 No damage to drive and axle shafts X
56 No damage to CV joints/boots X
57 Inspect for fuel,oil,coolant, or other leaks  Oil pan wet/minor leak X
58 Inspect differential for leaks/fluid level correct X
59 Check for evidence of excessive sludge X
60 Check oil and filter Full, advise change X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/repair
61 Inspect air filter  None/Velocity stacks X
62 Inspect spark plugs  Advise replacement X
63 Battery in good condition  Replaced w/ new Duralast X X
64 Battery properly secured X
65 Battery cables in good condition and free of corrosion  Replaced w/ USDM terminals X
66 Engine coolant at proper hot and cold levels X
67 Hood prop present/functional X
68 Brake,clutch,washer,and power steering fluid levels OK  Clutch slave low/added fluid X X
69 Under hood fluids clear and uncontaminated X
70 A/C cooling operation normal  Not equipped N/A
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/repair
71 Gauges function properly  Temp gauge does not work X
72 Horn works  Horn does not work X
73 High/Low beams OK  Replaced right low beam X X
74 Headlight aim OK X
75 Taillights work X
76 Brake lights work X
77 Sidemarker lights work X
78 Backup lights work X
79 License plate lights work N/A
80 No cracked or broken lenses of exterior lights X
81 Instrument lights work X
82 Gas door/cap functions properly X
83 Heater lights work  Not equipped N/A
84 Dash light dimmer works  Not equipped N/A
85 Turn signals work properly X
86 Hazard lights work X
87 Rear view mirror present and free of cracks X
88 Side view mirrors present and free of cracks X
89 All mirrors have full range of adjustment X
90 Glass free of cracks, stars, and large chips X
91 Window tinting clear and free of bubbles X
92 Dome/courtesy light operates properly X
93 Windows operate normally  LR electric window does not roll down X
94 Window locks operate normally  Not equipped N/A
95 Clock keeps time X
96 Cigarette lighter present and operates X
97 Ashtrays function and are in good condition X
98 Headliner, visors, dash in good condition X
99 Floor mats/carpet present and in good condition X
100 Doors open/close correctly X
101 Door locks function properly X
102 Master key is present X
103 Seats,including all position adjusters work properly X
104 Defogger indicator light turns on with switch ON  Defogger does not work X
105 Rear defogger grid lines intact X
106 Trunk light functions properly  Not equipped N/A
107 Hood/trunk latches function properly X
108 Fiber board tire cover is present  None X
109 Spare tire present and functional   None X
110 Jack tools present/secured  None X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
111 Exterior clean and free of road debris X
112 Free of water spots X
113 Paint is reasonably free of swirl marks X
114 Paint is free of buffable scratches X
115 Paint is free of wax residue X
116 Wheels are clean and free of brake dust X
117 Tires are clean/dressed X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
118 Compartment is clean X
119 Compartment is free of unnecessary wiring X X
120 Underneath hood is clean/frame intact X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
121 Interior is free of debris X
122 Dash and vents are clean X
123 All crevices are clean X
124 Ashtrays and lighter are clean X
125 Door jambs are clean X
126 Glove box and console compartments are clean X
127 Seats, carpet, floormats, and headliner free of stains  No carpet X X
128 Interior free of odor X
129 Glass is clean and free of streaks X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
130 Trunk is clean and free of debris X
131 Trunk upholstery free of stains No trunk upholstery X X
132 Spare tire compartment clean X
133 Spare tire securely mounted No spare tire N/A
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
134 Body is free of all dents X
135 Body is reasonably free of dings X
136 Paint is reasonably free of scratches and chips X
137 Vehicle is free of improper repairs/mismatched colors  See pics X X
138 Glass is free of improper repairs X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
139 Interior leather,plastic,vinyl,carpet and fabric surfaces are free
of holes, rips or tears
 Slight tear in top of rear seat/Drivers seat has slight wear X
140 No evidence of improper repairs X



Part Description Manufacturer Specifications
Front Suspension Unknown Coilovers and camber plates
Rear Suspension Unknown KYB shocks/unknown springs
Header Unknown Stainless Steel/Tubular
Exhaust Unknown Dual piping/header back
Carburetor Mikuni Type R 40mm w/ velocity stacks
Plug wires NGK New
Drivers Seat Recaro Adjustable
Front fenders Custom All metal custom widened and molded fenders
Rear fender flares Unknown Fiberglass GT-R replica
Front Spoiler Unknown Fiberglass GT-R replica
Rear spoiler Unknown Fiberglass GT-R replica
Grill/Badges NOS/OEM All GT-R conversion badges/grill, etc

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