1975 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT (SOLD)


Posted on October 25 2013

The car we have here is a 1975 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT, also referred to as the “Kenmeri” or “Ken and Mary” Skyline which refers to the ad campaign used by Nissan to promote this car with a young couple in the mid seventies.   This car is a GT model, but has been modified with GT-R exterior components such as the grill, over-fenders, tail light garnish, rear spoiler and black colored fender mirrors completing the “clone” look that is very popular with these cars.

This car also comes equipped with a very highly modified,  L28 (2.8L) motor with triple Mikuni (Nismo)  44mm carburetors as opposed to the standard 2.0L,  single carbureted setup it would have come from the factory with resulting in a much more enjoyable driving experience.

Please refer to the detailed inspection sheet located HERE for additional information on the condition and modifications as well as the additional inspection pictures HERE.


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