1977 Celica introduction


Posted on November 20 2009

I would like to introduce you to the first of many builds that JDM Legends has in store.  The vehicle is a 1977 Toyota Celica GT liftback, or the chassis code RA29 as we J-tin geeks like to refer to it as.  This is the car as we received it, definitely well worn and in need of some JDM Legends love.


Yellow, yellow, and more yellow.  That will have to go, all of it down to the bare metal.  No shortcuts here.  I can’t wait to see what’s underneath that glorious Maaco “presidential special” paint job.  It’s never a good thing to see body lines disapear into what I have a bad feeling is layers upon layers of bondo.

RA29 interior

Ahh…..   The interior.  You gotta love that old car smell, a mixture of old french fries, wet dogs and gasoline.  There’s something about a yellow car with brown interior that just screams rotten bannana to me.  You have to wonder excactly what the designers were thinking back then.  Also take note of the prerequisite Yosemite Sam floormats and flaming steering wheel cover on the passenger seat.  Nice.

20 R

The heart of the beast.  The 20R motor served it’s purpose well and still fires right up.  Great for a daily driver but not quite up to the task of what we have in store.  What motor is that you may ask?  You will just have to stay tuned to find out but I will say that it will be making at least 3 time the power of the 20R, be fuel injected, and maybe not what you are expecting.  Don’t worry though, we will be keeping all Toyota.

Next up, let the gutting begin!!   Let’s see what this pandora’s box has in store for us.

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