1983 Nissan Skyline RS Turbo (SOLD)


Posted on July 03 2012


JDM Legends Vehicle Inspection Form
  • Date: Dec. 12, 2009
  • VIN#: DR30-032691
  • Year: 1983
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: Skyline RS-X (DR30)
  • Int. Color: Black/Grey
  • Ext. Color: Red/Black
  • Engine Code: FJ20DET
  • Displacement: 2.0L
  • Tech: Eric


Engine Inspection












Down %










C: crankcase/rings, E = exhaust valves, I = intake valves, HG = head gasket


Mechanical Inspection

Item # Notes: Meets std. Advise/Repair
1 Engine cold high idle correct X
2 No abnormal engine noise at cold start X
3 Throttle does not stick/free movement X
4 Driveability OK during warm-up X
5 Hot driveability OK X
6 Engine reaches normal operating temperature X
7 Engine fan functions properly X
8 Brake pedal free play and travel is normal X
9 No excessive vibration during braking X
10 Parking brake sets and holds vehicle X
11 Inspect seatbelt condition X
12 Seatbelts have full range extension & smooth operation X
13 Seatbelts lock up per specification X
14 Transmission/clutch operates smoothly X
15 Steering has normal feel in lock-to-lock turning X
16 Steering wheel centered in straight line driving X
17 Vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surface X
18 Tilt steering wheel adjustment works properly X
19 Windshield wipers function properly X
20 Windshield washer operates X
21 Wiper blades are in good condition and work X
22 Wipers return to correct position when off X
23 Speedometer and odometer work properly X
24 Cruise control operation normal X
25 Heater operation normal X
26 No excessive drone or vibration from engine X
27 No excessive wind whistle or buzz X
28 No excessive tire vibration at any speed X
29 No excessive steering wheel shimmy at speed X
30 Interior free of significant squeaks or rattles X
31 Radio functions properly X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/repair
32 Frame/Unibody check X
33 Inspect body surface X
39 Inspect panel alignment and fit X
40 Inspect lower body and under body for damage/rust X
41 Inspect trunk area for damage/rust X
42 Inspect under carpet for damage/rust X
43 Inspect steering rack, linkage, bushings, control arms and dust boots X
44 Inspect transmission for leaks/fluid level correct X
45 Drive belts and hoses free of cracks or damage X
46 Inspect tires for defects, damage and inflation X
47 Inspect tread depth remaining on all tires RF 5/32” LF 5/32” RR 4/32” LR 4/32” X
48 Inspect brakes/calipers, lines and hoses X
49 Brake pads/shoes must have 50% wear remaining X
50 No excessive grooving /heat on rotors/drums X
51 Parking brake releases completely X
52 Inspect struts/shocks for leaks and wear X
53 Check exhaust system and hangers X
54 No damage to engine mounts X
55 No damage to drive and axle shafts X
56 No damage to CV joints/boots X
57 Inspect for fuel,oil,coolant, or other leaks X
58 Inspect differential for leaks/fluid level correct X
59 Check for evidence of excessive sludge X
60 Check oil and filter New oil and OEM filter X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/repair
61 Inspect air filter Replaced w/ new HKS filter X
62 Inspect spark plugs X
63 Battery in good condition X
64 Battery properly secured X
65 Battery cables in good condition and free of corrosion X
66 Engine coolant at proper hot and cold levels X
67 Hood prop present/functional X
68 Brake,clutch,washer,and power steering fluid levels OK X
69 Under hood fluids clear and uncontaminated X
70 A/C cooling operation normal X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/repair
71 Gauges function properly X
72 Horn works X
73 High/Low beams OK X
74 Headlight aim OK X
75 Taillights work X
76 Brake lights work X
77 Sidemarker lights work X
78 Backup lights work X
79 License plate lights work X
80 No cracked or broken lenses of exterior lights X
81 Instrument lights work X
82 Gas door/cap functions properly X
83 Heater lights work X
84 Dash light dimmer works X
85 Turn signals work properly X
86 Hazard lights work X
87 Rear view mirror present and free of cracks X
88 Side view mirrors present and free of cracks X
89 All mirrors have full range of adjustment X
90 Glass free of cracks, stars, and large chips X
91 Window tinting clear and free of bubbles X
92 Dome/courtesy light operates properly X
93 Windows operate normally  Rear windows only go down 1/2 way  X
94 Window locks operate normally X
95 Clock keeps time X
96 Cigarette lighter present and operates X
97 Ashtrays function and are in good condition X
98 Headliner, visors, dash in good condition X
99 Floor mats/carpet present and in good condition X
100 Doors open/close correctly X
101 Door locks function properly X
102 Master key is present X
103 Seats,including all position adjusters work properly X
104 Defogger indicator light turns on with switch ON X
105 Rear defogger grid lines intact X
106 Trunk light functions properly X
107 Hood/trunk latches function properly X
108 Fiber board tire cover is present X
109 Spare tire present and functional None X
110 Jack tools present/secured X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
111 Exterior clean and free of road debris X
112 Free of water spots X
113 Paint is reasonably free of swirl marks X
114 Paint is free of buffable scratches X
115 Paint is free of wax residue X
116 Wheels are clean and free of brake dust X
117 Tires are clean/dressed X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
118 Compartment is clean X
119 Compartment is free of unnecessary wiring X
120 Underneath hood is clean/frame intact X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
121 Interior is free of debris X
122 Dash and vents are clean X
123 All crevices are clean X
124 Ashtrays and lighter are clean X
125 Door jambs are clean X
126 Glove box and console compartments are clean X
127 Seats, carpet, floormats, and headliner free of stains X
128 Interior free of odor X
129 Glass is clean and free of streaks X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
130 Trunk is clean and free of debris X
131 Trunk upholstery free of stains X
132 Spare tire compartment clean X
133 Spare tire securely mounted No spare tire N/A
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
134 Body is free of all dents X
135 Body is reasonably free of dings X
136 Paint is reasonably free of scratches and chips X
137 Vehicle is free of improper repairs/mismatched colors X
138 Glass is free of improper repairs X
Item # Notes Meets Std. Advise/Repair
139 Interior leather,plastic,vinyl,carpet and fabric surfaces are free
of holes, rips or tears
140 No evidence of improper repairs X



Part Description Manufacturer Specifications
Turbo Kit HKS HKS manifold w/T04E turbo and external Wastegate (returned)
Bypass Valve HKS
Front Mount Intercooler Custom Aluminum Piping/gunmetal powdercoat
Intake HKS New filter
Plug Wires Ultra 8mm Silicone
Exhaust System Unknown Turbo-back, 70mm mandrel bent mild steel w/ cat
Gauges HKS 60mm Water Temp, oil temp, oil pressure, exhaust temp, boost
Speed Meter Ultra
Boost Controller Blitz Dual SBC
Turbo Timer SARD
Front strut brace TNB
Rear strut brace Unknown
Floor brace Unknown
Wheels Watanabe RS-8 Front 16×7 +38 Rear 16×8 +38
Front camber plates Cusco
Front coilovers Unknown
Front rollcenter adj. Unknown
Rear suspension Bilstein Bilstein shocks w/ adj. perch and unknown springs
Steering Wheel Nardi
Shift Knob Nismo

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