8/6 day love!!!


Posted on August 06 2010

I feel obligated to post up a couple of pics of one of the best cars I ever owned……   and changed my whole perspective on what makes a car enjoyable to drive.

I appreciate the fact that they decided to put Hayashi’s  on that cutaway.

This guy has one…..

And you can’t forget about this guy……

Don’t be ashamed,  You know you love it.

And I guess I’ll put one up of my old one from way back in the day before I realized that offset made these cars look way better :)   I remember driving this thing all the way down to Las Vegas for what I believe was Drift Day 10…..    beating the hell out of it for  hours, and then driving it home almost 500 miles.  You have to love that Toyota reliability.

And I’m spent.

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