Chilliwack Datsun circa 1970


Posted on August 20 2010

I stumbled across these the other day and it’s pretty crazy to see these cars fresh out of the factory, waiting to be sold.

And by the way, Chilliwack is in British Columbia in case you were wondering.  I googled it :)

Looks like I need to step up my style game if I want to cruise with this guy….

Or this guy…..   killing it with those striped bell bottoms!  I’m sure my kids will be looking at pictures of me from back in the day and wonder what the hell I was thinking as well.

Can you imagine having an S30 right off the showroom floor?!  And this fox is most definitely someone’s mom grandma by now.

And the real gem of this whole collection…

I’ll take two please.

Stolen from Ratsun.  Thanks for sharing.  Have a great weekend!!

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