Dream on.


Posted on December 21 2010

I was flipping through an old Lightning Vintage Auto magazine last night and I came across this cool concept drawing of a BRE inspired Datsun 510 concept car.  Last time I heard the Silvia resurrection was axed…..  and who knows if the FT-86 will ever come to be.  They’ll probably turn out to be obese, boring, soulless  hybrids anyways right?   Cool concept anyways….  and if you do decide to build it, please keep it RWD and under 2400 lbs.   Until then, we’ll just build our own :)

To give the artist some credit I think it’s probably Telly Sahara who has done a ton of cool covers for Lightning magazine.  You can see some of them here http://www.tellysworks.com/

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