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Posted on June 03 2010

So I Just got back from California on Monday and I would have to say that things pretty much went as good as they could have possibly went for us.  We took 1st in Super Modified AWD, 1st in Modified AWD, 1st in Street Tire AWD and capturing the Overall Event Win.  Unfortunately the only car that we didn’t podium with was the 370Z because Trey got food poisoning just before the event, and for the enthusiast class the Driver has to be the same person that is on the title, thus making us ineligible for this event.  We took it down anyways for some more track time with Gary Sheehan behind the wheel and we would’ve ended up in 2nd place.  I was happy with the car, the new OS Giken differential and cooler worked flawlessly.  But as you will see in some of the pictures below the car definitely needs some more roll control.

The GT-R just got a fresh built motor in it before the event which had us all a bit on edge.  It’s never fun being the Guinea pig for new parts, I think we’re the only R35 in the states right now on a built motor in competition unless I’m mistaken.  All worries aside the Motorsports guys did an awesome job putting this thing together as it ran all weekend without a hitch.  After putting down a strong time in Modified, we decided to throw on some slicks and see how competitive we would be  Super Modified and and it turns out we were quick enough to take 1st!  No small feat that’s for sure.

The STi also ran perfectly all weekend as well taking wins in Street class and also in the super session.

See what I mean about that roll control?  I swear the car isn’t very low at all but when it gets loaded down on that gnarly bank turn on some very streetable spring rates this is what it looks like.  Slizammed!!  ;)

I was also fortunate enough to have Gary take me for a ride in the Z and holy sh*t  that bank is scary!  I’ve been to plenty of tracks in some pretty quick cars, but the G’s you experience on that big Nascar bank is insane!!  It takes some serious brass balls to enter that turn around 140mph (in the Z, I think the R35 enters it at around 175!) throw it into the turn and rely on the banking to make it stick.  There’s also a big concrete wall up there to greet you should you step out of line.  Not a track for the faint hearted.

Here’s were I spent the majority of my time along side some of the fastest time attack cars in the states.

Next up I’m just going to show you a couple of crappy shots I took with my cute little camera that sparked my interest while I was there.  First up is probably the first, and last time you will ever see a Mustang on this blog but this thing was pretty nasty.

This is a rolling chassis you can buy from a company called Agent FortSeven.  A-arms up front coilovers in the rear and it weighs in under 2,000 lbs.  A mustang that actually turns and looks like this is something I could get used to.

I need some of these seats here at JDM….

I have always wanted to build an MRS Spider, this is one of the last lightweight affordable sports cars ever built in my opinion.  I think they only weighed around 2300lbs.  But like any convertable, the hard top is a necessity for retaining your manhood.

I took a picture of this car because I liked some of the aero that had been done to it.  The dude actually had a ex-WRC carbon rear spoiler on it that I unfortunately didn’t get a pic of.

The one thing that also caught my eye were these really nice hand formed aluminum flares.  Nicely done.

I’ve been seeing some pretty brutal Miatas lately that have been making me very happy, this in one of them.

Wing much?

Some serious lips on those Equips.

Boso Southern California style, note the AE86 wheels, S30 mirrors, Takumi Tofu stickers, and obligatory roof rack of course.

Unfortunately not much J-tin to be had at these events but I did spot this lonely 510 in a row of R35′s

That’s one way to do it I guess….  props though, build it how you want.  510 guys are a whole other breed that’s for sure.

This car was one of the highlights of the weekend for me, hopefully we’ll get to see it on track someday because it has all the right stuff.

Love the TRD styled livery, looks pretty well put together.  Built 4AGZE block from what I can tell, I talked to the owner for a minute but I had to split.  Cool guy though.

Not far from an 86 I would build myself….  we need more nostalgics at the track!!!!!!

That’s all I got, Next up Chicago!

I am also going through the Hakosuka and TA27 we just picked up so check back for updates on those ……

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