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Posted on June 07 2012

Eric says I have to talk a little about my self, so…

My name is Ryan Rudd, and I like walks on the beach, and reading leather bound novels… Ha ha

On a more serious note, I was lucky enough to work with Eric and Trey in the very early stages of the company to pick up one of the first cars brought in, which is a green 4 door Skyline which has been my daily driver during the summer time for a few years now. I have been working here for about 8 months now doing a little bit of everything from emails, to restoration work when I have the time. If I have not met you yet, I hope to meet you soon.

It has been a long time in the making, but we are very happy to say we have our shop almost done, for now…  If you recall, when we first moved into our new shop, it looked a little different.

If you remember our blog post about our move, you can see how we got the shop to where it is now, although we knew it still needed a bit more. After going through some of our ideas for the showroom, we decided to go ahead with some large 7′X3′ canvas banners, and what better to put on these banners than these great images from some of the cars we have sold, which were taken by Eric’s brother-in-law Tony.

It was no easy task to get these banners on the wall, although it may have been slightly easier if we didn’t decide that we wanted them a little bit higher up on the wall, after they were all already hung, but it was definitely worth it to do it exactly how we wanted want it.

With these new banners, we have the showroom almost finished, looking much better than it did with the bare cinder block walls. Oh, and by the way, you may have noticed a couple new cars that we have not talked much about yet. We will cover those in another post that will be coming soon.

Now to address the boring grey walls on our office. Luckily, Jose came down to take a look at his new pride and joy, the silver 1972 Nissan Skyline, and was nice enough to bring us down a great print he made, as well as one from Dennis, which we were honored to hang on our wall. These pictures, along with some of our own pictures, made the office look a little bit less bland.

 The waiting area in our showroom is looking a little bit more complete with the new banner, and a few desk top decorations.

Now as we had spoken a little bit about in a previous post, to make our shop recognizable we had to get a slightly larger sign than the small sticker on our door. So of course, in true JDM Legends fashion, if we can make it ourselves, we will.

We are happy with the way it turned out, and now it is much easier to find the shop.

We  have also added a bit more to the work side of our shop, most specifically to our “wall of greatness”.

We have had a chance to put up a lot of the great things people have sent us, as well as adding a few of the parts we have personally collected over the years. Now the wall is almost full, but we can always find room for more “stuff”.

Thanks to some great help,  we could get a much needed feminine touch from Eric’s fiance Naomi, and her Mother Julia, who obviously have a bit more class than Eric and I, and now we had a great place for people to eat, and thanks to Marleys Gourmet Sliders, we had some great food as well, and as a bonus it even came out of this cool Airstream trailer.

Now on to the pictures of the event…

We could not be happier with the turnout. The parking lot had filled up much quicker than we had thought, and we soon noticed that the line of cars was much more than we had expected, stretching just about as far as I could see in each direction. While we don’t have an official number, the caterers said they thought it was roughly 400-500 people, a bit more than the 180 that RSVP’d on facebook.

I must admit, I am a bit partial to this 4 door :)

Eric has added a few bits and pieces to his Starlet which will be talked about in a later blog post, so stay tuned.

A customer of ours brought down his nice 510 for some minor fabrication on a few of the final pieces of his restoration.

It is always nice to see the DR30 at the shop again.

A few very nice Roadsters came out to the meet,

Including this great 2000 roadster which you do not see often.

It is always great to see one of Allan’s 510′s, if you haven’t seen his Depth of Speed video, check it out here.

This Datsun NL320 is a very rare find, especially in good running shape as most of them have been sitting outside for years.  I have heard only 1,000 of these made it here to the states.

Duane’s Toyota Hilux is always a treat! He was a great help in getting the word out about this Grand Re-opening. Thank you Duane

Of course no classic Japanese car meet is complete without an Initial D style AE86.

It was great to see a clean Datsun 1200 at the meet as well. These cars are very cool, and fairly uncommon.

Of course a father son picture is inevitable when you have a nice red MKIV and a showroom quality MKII Supra.

This aggressive looking Corolla has a SR20det to give it the power to match the looks.

You just have to love a low Cressida wagon.

The turnout was not all classics, in fact we saw a lot of great modern cars like this STI, and brand new BRZ that RallySport Direct brought up.

It is great to see the return of a proper 2 door subaru.

We had a great time, and would like to thank everyone who came out to the meet, it was a lot of fun. We were happy to see all of your great cars, and meet a lot of great people. Hopefully we can get some more events like this going in the near future.

A big thanks to everyone who helped, including Chance Hales and Chris Klinzing for many of the pictures, as we did not have much free time to get out and take as many pictures as we would have liked, as well as Todd Earl for helping sell the shirts, and Max Motter for helping set up.

Also, now that we have our new website up and running, expect more frequent updates to the site and blog so be sure to check back.

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