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Posted on January 07 2011

Just to update you guys with a bit of what’s going on here in the upcoming weeks we have recently decided to make the trip to Japan on the 12th of this month to check out the Tokyo Auto Salon.   We also plan on spending a decent amount of time visiting various locations in Japan to find a few more cars to import while we’re there.  So if you’ve contemplated having us bring something in for you now would be a great time.   Just send an e-mail to eric@jdmlegends.com and I will see what we can do to bring you that JDM classic you’ve been lusting after.    We’ll also be visiting a few noteworthy shops while we’re  there as well so check back as I’m going to try and post up as much of the experience as possible.   It should without a doubt be a very exciting couple of weeks!

And just because I never like to make a post without a couple of pictures here’s something noteworthy that some of you J-tin aficionados may appreciate.  It seems Rays Japan is adding another vintage specific to their lineup follwing up after the TE-37v

It seems sizing right now is pretty limited to a few 15×7.5 with a 0,10, and 25 offset but hopefully we’ll see a few more options in color and sizing in the future.  Also noteworthy is that these are cast instead of forged so they should be a little cheaper alternative to the TE37V.  More info here: http://www.rays-msc.com/wheels/index.cgi?d=112

And one more nice little pic of Ryan’s now world famous Hakosuka that he just sent me that is quite a bit better quality than the one I took with the shop camera a few months ago.  Click it because it’s a wide one.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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