Japan Part 7: Lindbergh Book Shop


Posted on June 03 2011

While I continue to steadily restore the 2 cars we recently imported I thought I would take a break for a minute and share a little more from my trip to Japan last January.  I’m almost running out of material but I think I’ll have enough for another post or two…  anyways, this one is about the most amazing bookstore we visited while in Tokyo…  or anywhere for that matter.   It’s is a short walk from the train station in the  Oyamadai Setagaya Préfecture which is about  15 miles from where we stayed in Shinjuku.

After a short walk from the train station we made our way to the Lindbergh Automobile and Motorcycle Bookshop.  And as the name suggests, this place was full of the only type of books I’ve actually read in the last 10 years…  LOL.    For being a relatively small store (this is Tokoyo after all) this place was full to the brim with books from Japan, Australia, the UK, Germany etc. etc.  and the only thing they all had in common was that they were either about cars, or bikes.  My kind of place.  Here’s a bit of the Toyota section…

I’m kicking myself for not picking this up.  It’s funny, when you are forced to ride the train and walk so much you actually think about the weight of your purchases.   Lazy Americans.

One of the coolest parts of the whole store was this huge collection of automobile brochures that have been collected over the years all neatly organized in these nice tidy little files.

Almost every year and model of JDM vehicle was accounted for…  almost.  I was looking for a version 5  GC8 brochure but all I could find was this version 3.  Pretty reasonably priced at around $15

Check out this handsome devil….  makes you want to buy one right?

And they get even older, as cool as this would have been to bring back I think they wanted about $150 for it if I recall correctly.  I was surprised they just let us rummage through these, I felt bad just holding it.

This is some of the loot I came back with…  needless to say our backs were pretty sore by the time we lugged our 100 lbs. of magazines and books back to the hotel.

This is one that I was most excited to come across.

Not a complete manual but some very useful information in there….


And based on the fact that I have yet to bring in a Hakosuka without an electrical problem or five, these pull out diagrams will definitely see some use.

And on our way back to the station we just happened to run across Ohlins headquarters…..  only in Japan.

You can actually order books and magazines directly form the store from their English site, check it out:


That’s all for now, back to the multimeter >:-(    Lol, that’s the first time I’ve ever made a grumpy face.  What can I say,  electrical diagnosis isn’t exactly my favorite aspect of restorations but I guess it comes with the territory right?

TA22 and KGC10 updates soon.

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