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Posted on January 13 2010

I thought I would share a cool post from our friend Hechtspeed on JDM Legends that can be found on a site called My ride  is me.   The article can be found here : http://www.myrideisme.com/Blog/legends-from-the-land-of-the-rising-sun/

It’s a cool site that has a blog and a pretty large collection of articles that usually feature anything from customs to rat rods to bonneville speedsters.  They also feature some content on the other side of the spectrum that I’m a little more familiar with, including drifting time attack and of course vintage Japanese cars.

The site is a breath of fresh air when it comes to automotive content.  It seems that all too often people get stuck in their narrow minded scene of choice and fail to appreciate automotive culture of all kinds that exist outside it.   There is really too much cool stuff out there to be stuck in just one specific brand or category.

So open your mind, and check it out.  Who knows, you just might learn something.

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