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Posted on August 13 2010

I’ve been a little busy around here as usual lately trying to get all the bugs worked out of the Hakosuka and also spending some time trying to do a little promotion for JDM Legends.  We are on a pretty slim budget over here and I don’t always have the time to put into creating exposure for the company as I would like so I’m doing what I can  at the moment.  I just started up a JDM Legends facebook page so come check it out if you get a minute HERE. And also, if you like what we do here, do us a favor and feel free to jack whatever you want from our site and spread it around….   unfortunately being in Utah means that the majority of our business is out of state and we need all the help we can get.   Speaking of which, I have been spending some time doing a proper photoshoot of the shop and some of the cars we have here for an upcoming project and I’ve been scouting some locations in the trusty old Starlet.   The real shoot will be done with nice cameras, and some of our nicer cars but this will give you a little idea of what to expect.

That also reminds me that I never posted up pics of the KP61 in a somewhat finished state, I’ll get to that later.   Like I said, I took the Hakosuka on a drive home last weekend to be 100% sure that all the kinks are worked out before it is ready to sell and what do you know, I found another.  It looks like the previous owner thought plastic windshield washer line would be suitable for a fuel supply line.  Ummmm…..   needless to say by the fuel dripping  from the bottom of the car,  it’s not.  I have since replaced all the suspect lines.

After I finished that up in the garage at my house, I found myself later that night just staring at the car for what must have been a good 15 minutes.  I really love Hakosukas, and it has been an honor to work on something with so much  history and prestige.  One day, maybe I’ll have one to call my own :)

I also received a nice little package from one of our friends Jay from the notorious JDMEGO blog.  This guy is one of the real OG’s in the JDM blog scene before they were a dime a dozen.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

Thanks man!!  Much appreciated.  I feel like these plate frames work best on cars that have original versions of commonly knocked-off wheels.  Which in my case having a limited production 9″ wide 5×100 Work Emotions (one of the most copied wheels ever argghhh!) fit my GC8 perfectly.

More updates next week, Go for a drive this weekend, it will do you good I promise.

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