Local drives part 1: Big Cottonwood


Posted on October 21 2010

I just thought I would show you guys a few of my local favorite drives,  and what better time than Fall to do it right?  People always ask why I choose to live in Salt Lake City and I have plenty of reasons…..  and nope, I’m not Mormon.  Believe it or not, it’s not a requirement to live here.   But I do religiously worship the local canyons, 2 of which just so happen to be conveniently located 15 minutes from my house.  Here’s the view from my rooftop.

That doesn’t suck right?  There are quite a few great touge’s around but these are the two that I have grown up driving most.  One is Big Cottonwood Canyon that goes up to Brighton and Solitude ski resorts, and the other is Little Cottonwood Canyon that is the route to Snowbird and Alta.

They don’t look too twisty from the map but the view is much different from the road.  I decided to drive Big Cottonwood for the plain and simple fact that  my normal canyon ride is the Subaru which currently has expired tags….  and Big Cottonwood isn’t nearly as steep which should be a little more friendly to the anemic 4KC  that still currently resides in the Starlet.

I was actually surprised how well it did on the uphill…..  I even passed a few people :)   But as Tsuchiya says, real men drive the downhill and for the limited suspension modification the KP has it seriously rips.  I guess a little lightness goes a long way.

Unimog vs. Starlet.  It’s actually pretty surprising how many of these things are up here…..   how cool of a tow vehicle would that be?

I probably should have taken these a couple of weeks ago but the fall colors are still pretty good, and I forget how much quicker the seasons change as you go up in elevation.

As you can imagine due to all the snow and resorts nearby the Subaru scene is pretty big in Salt Lake.  This is pretty typical of the style of cars the snow bros drive.  Mudflaps and racks.

Nice little black on black Forester.

With some STi bits that help scrub some speed on the downhill…..

There was actually quite a bit of traffic as you imagine his time of year but that’s why I usually drive at night when the grip goblins come out ;)   Which reminds me, the KP desperately needs some upgraded lighting.

That’s it for part 1, I’m going to have to get busy quick before the snow comes for the next installment.

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