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Posted on December 07 2012

We’ve had some coverage lately in a few of the magazines that we usually frequent that I thought I would share.  First up is Vol. 153 of Nostalgic Hero magazine.  This one is especially meaningful to us here at the JDM Legends, to see some coverage of classic cars in the  U.S. scene as well as some of our own personal cars and the cars we’ve imported in a Japanese magazine is pretty cool.

Ivan and James of the Historic Japanese Car Gathering group (HJCG) were responsible for getting in touch with Hisashi of Nostalgic Hero for the coverage.  It also comes with a DVD of Protec and Shirashi Engineering’s S20 equipped  KPGC10′s blasting around Fuji circuit which is more than worth the price of the magazine.

Next up is some more coverage of the Bayline Meet from Import Tuner in November’s issue.



Eric was able to get a full article with Big Red in Grassroots Motorsport’s November issue.

Love the title!


Congrats Eric!

And last but not least is Super Street’s coverage of the JCCS show in Jauary’s issue.  Ryan even scored a small cover shot on this one…

Only 1 page but at least the SA22C and Ryan’s GC10 got some love.

 Most of these should still be available so get out there and support print!

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