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Posted on December 08 2010

While the roll cage continues to own me here at JDM Legends I thought I would post up a couple of  old random magazine ads I have come across over the last few years to break up the monotony.  This first one is pretty ummm….

Yes, awesome.   I’m partial to the race inspired ones for obvious reasons.

Marty McFly approved…

Love this one…..  I need another equalizer in my life.

The car may not be the most amazing thing Subaru has ever made but there are just too many innuendos in this one to pass up.

“Surround yourself with the lushness of her interior appointments” Giggity.   And the guy I used to work for used to have a bottle of this stuff on his desk and it smells like you might imagine.  Manly, musky and amazing :)

That’s it for now….  almost done with the cage so we can get back to the classics.

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