Nostalgics at TAS 2010


Posted on January 18 2010

As some of you may be aware of the Tokyo Auto Salon just came to a close in Japan last weekend and I thought I would share a couple of pics I’ve come across of some some j-tin present this year.   First off a couple from the Legendary Rocky Auto, they brought out this kenmeri and S30 Z……


With this under the hood……


Mmmm………  I’ve wanted to get my hands on a setup like this for a while.  Not sure if it’s an RB26 or an RB30 with itb’s as I have seen them do both.  I will take either thanks.  Next best thing to an original S20 in my opinion.


Here’s the S30 they brought, this one with an RB26 as well but this time force fed by a T04Z…….


Rear shot…  there might be a rim inside all that dish :)   My daughter would go nuts if I brought a car home  in this color!


Insane motor set ups but a little too modernized for me.  All the buzz is about the new TE37V’s this year and I found a couple of cars running them…   First is a super clean C110 sedan running some gunmetal ones.


And another set on a 2 door Hakosuka in my preference of color,  you can never go wrong with Volk bronze in my opinion.


Close up…   Not quite right on a Hakosuka for me but I would run them all day long on an AE86!  15×10′s are downright amazing but I’m a little disapointed in the lack of 14′s or 13′s.


Speaking of AE86′s, here’s a spotless replica of the one Takumi made famous that apparently accompanied the much anticipated FT-86.


Star Road always has the coolest displays and restorations you could eat off of.  Seriously.


Interestingly styled S30…..


There’s flush,  and then there’s poke.  This one is obviously the latter…..


And one last one that you’ll either love or hate. Nissan Stagea with a Hakosuka front end which looks much better than the rear.  Trust me on that.  I’ll take my Stagea with the R34 face please.


That is all for now.  Thanks to Al’s car blog and Nori Yaro for the pics.

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