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Posted on February 03 2012

First off  I would like to apologize for the lack of updates on the blog lately but we’ve been 100% focused of getting the move to the new shop done as quickly as possible so there’s been very little time for anything else.   Moving an entire shop is quite an ordeal as you might imagine, but I’m very pleased to say that we’re finally done and ready for business!   If you’re curious what it’s like to move an entire shop and completely set another one up again within the span of about a month with two dudes and no access to a truck then read on….

As you might have noticed our only option here was to call up U-haul and rent a moving truck or two due to the scale involved.  We were  fortunate enough to be able to borrow a friend’s trailer to get the cars down that weren’t currently in a driveable state,  starting with the poor DR30 that was recently the victim a rock to the windshield on the freeway and is currently awaiting a replacement from Japan.   By the look of it I wheely think we should have picked up a bigger truck,  nyuk nyuk.

This was the scene in the rear view multiple times throughout the next few days while Ryan and I nervously escorted all of the valuables to the new shop.  I think I may have developed an ulcer in the process with the thought of hakosukas falling off of moving trailers constantly running through my head on every trip.

Our sweet piece of U-haul’s finest had this pillar mount gauge that made me chuckle a bit….  I just had to wonder if  this is the future of  what a riced-out Prius would look like.  Check out my MPG’s bro!

To add a little excitement to the move,  we signed the lease on the new shop late in December which meant that if we didn’t want to pay rent at two locations we had to get this done as quickly as possible…..  which also meant that we would be putting in a few late nights over the next couple of weeks.

Ryan’s GC10 was the first to arrive at the new location, as you can see it’s a pretty large facility.  The big difference between this shop and the old one was that this one is one large unit,  whereas the old shop was 2 separate units which made it very easy to divide the the showroom side from the shop side.  We’ll have to figure out a way to divide this one but more on that later…

While the old shop got cleared out, the new one became more and more cluttered.

Also noteworthy was that the KP61 Starlet I’ve been working on made it’s maiden voyage under it’s own power which in my opinion deserves it’s own shot.    The dash may have been sitting where the passenger seat should  be but the important thing here is that it RUNS!!!  Expect a blog update on the KP soon.

And after a couple of long days the old shop looked like an empty shell.

If you recall it used to look a bit more like this.

It’s always a bit depressing to leave a place that you’ve had so many great experiences and memories but I’m sure there will be plenty more to be had at the new spot.   We ended up making our December deadline to be out of the old place but early January at the new location looked a bit like this…

Let the setup begin!   We needed a few supplies but we have still yet to pick up a shop truck,  fortunately the Starlet had yet to be fully put back together which meant that 8 foot long 2×4′s fit perfectly without a passenger seat.  What better way to break in the new swap?


Ryan’s S14 also ended up pulling cargo duty as well.  We could either sit around and wait for a truck to become available or use the resources we had and get some work done.   It’s  not as bad as it looks, trust me…  and luckily the local Lowe’s was less than a mile away.  The looks we received loading that thing up were priceless,  I’m all about using your daily to the fullest extent possible but this may be taking it a bit far ;)

As you can see I’ve decided to use the old pallet racking we had surrounding the old shop to pull double duty as a divider between the shop and showroom.


In order to prevent stuff from falling off of the racks onto prized possessions as well as keep dust and debris from entering the showroom we decided to create a wall  by bolting on 4′x8′ sheets of  OSB plywood to the back of the pallet racking.    It’s simple, cost effective, and it gets the job done.

The simple 12′ wall I initially had in mind quickly escalated to almost 20′ tall bay the time we were done.

We figured it would do a much better job of keeping it clean if we went all the way up but I’ll be quite honest in saying I wasn’t exactly excited about painting this behemoth of a wall we had created.

It had to be done so here we go.

Still painting…

And done!  Ryan and I have since decided we’ll start up a construction company when we’re done ;)

Carpet, couches, and Panasports in place complete the waiting area.

Something I was excited to finally have in the new spot was a legitimate office but as you can see that needed a bit of love too.

A little paint and some cool wheels make it feel a bit more like home.  I also decided to hang the cool  Japanese naval war flag my sister’s boyfriend got me for Christmas as well,  thanks Tony!

And with that the showroom is complete!  I plan on adding a bit more to it later but for now the bare concrete walls will have to do.  Three hakosukas in a row is a thing a beauty don’t you agree?


The office is a bit on the cozy size but perfect for two people.

Now to set up the shop, the first order of business was the lift which meant lots of manly stuff like drilling holes in concrete and lifting gigantic steel supports.

We also scored this crazy bright halide light to put over the work area.   It does have an odd green hue that may prove to drive me insane while taking pictures though…  we’ll see.

Now it’s time for a bit of electrical work.  One look inside the jumble of a fuse box and I made the decision to call my good friend Eric, who aside from having an awesome beard and an awesome name also happens to be an electrician because I have no idea what it feels like to get  shocked by 240 volts and I don’t plan on finding out anytime soon.  I’m as much of a DIY guy as they come but sometimes you have to know when you’re in over your head.

A few breakers, some conduit and a couple outlets later and we’re ready to rock.   It feels great to have all of my favorite fabrication equipment back again.


You know the wall of fame had to make a comeback too…  this time with an entire Hakosuka grill and works style headlight covers as the center piece.

And with that, let the work resume!  We’ve already brought in that nasty WRX I built the cage in  for a bit or aero work that you’ll be seeing more of in the upcoming weeks.

And I’ll finish it up with one last shot of the outside on an oddly warm winter day in Salt Lake.

There’s still a bit of work left to be done but for the most part we’re ready to get back to work and I can’t tell you how great it feels to be able to get back to doing what I love again.   Thanks again for your patience with us throughout the moving process,  if you would like to contact us or stop by the new location, here’s our contact information until we can get it permanently up on the website:

JDM Legends

(801) 685-7900

5662 S. 300 W.



And we’ll also be having a grand re-opening as soon as the weather permits so keep an eye on the blog if you’re interested in attending.

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