Our KGC10 is up on auction!!


Posted on April 06 2010

Just though I would let some of the loyal blog readers know that we  have put our 72 KGC10 Skyline up for auction on ebay and it ends this Friday.  This could be a screaming deal for someone with the desire and ability to take on a little more of a project.  We’re still a little new to ebay auctioning and to be honest it’s not our preferred method of selling cars but for now still being a new company it’s turned out to be a very good way to get the company name out there and show people what we do.    Back to the Skyline, the topside and interior look really good,  it’s a little rusty underneath, the brake, and suspension need some attention, but it has all the GT-R conversion parts and an L28 with triple Mikuni carbs so it makes a great starting point for someone willing to put in a little elbow grease to make it perfect.  I get a lot of people wanting a “buy it now” price or asking what our reserve is and maybe I’m still a bit new to ebay but isn’t the point of an auction for people to bid on what they think it’s worth?  Maybe we may have to revise our auction methods a bit next time.   And in case you were wondering, the reserve is still way under what you can get one in similar condition in Japan, and waaay under the $25-30K range they are worth in cleaner condition.  So don’t worry,  bid away!!  These don’t come around every day ;)


Oh yeah, I should mention that the Watanabe’s aren’t being sold with the car (not when we’re selling it that cheap anyways ;) )  But if you would like wheel specs, pics, or any other info on the car you can always e mail me at eric@jdmlegends.com or check the vehicle sale page on our site, and of course the ebay auction.

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