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Posted on November 25 2009

I wanted to introduce you to a car that we have been currently restoring.  The car is a 1973 Toyota Celica coupe,  these cars came originally equipped in the states with the single cam 18R-C which made 97 hp.  The cool thing about this car is that the original motor has been yanked and replaced with the a Japanese spec 18R-G  twin cam motor with the Yamaha head and dual side draft Mikuni carbs which makes 134hp @ 6000 rpm.  And oh what music those Mikuni carbs make at full song!!  The car came to us with the some of the usual gremlins old cars have, exhaust leaks everywhere, no tach, no tail lights, carb issues etc.  I am pleased to say that we have rectified all of the cars previous shortcomings and brought it back to it’s full glory.  This first pic is the engine bay as we received it, definitely no way to treat an 18R-G!

8_27_08 052

So with quite a bit of work we have the new and improved engine bay,  I think you will agree that it looks a bit nicer.

11_19_09 022

We also decided to add a functioning factory tachometer instead of the column mounted Autozone special and replace the factory fake wood dash with something a little less um………   woody.

8_27_08 089

8_27_08 088

11_19_09 021

The exterior of the car didn’t need much attention as it had just recently been treated to a fresh repaint.  You will have a hard time finding a cleaner one.

11_19_09 028

11_19_09 026

Suspension sits right thanks to some Ground Control coilovers and Tokicos.

11_19_09 025

So there you have it.  As much as I hate to see it go, this fine little Celica is now ready for a new home.  If you are interested you may contact us with an offer, or if bidding is your game the car is currently up on ebay found here:


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