Rainy Days @ Infineon Raceway


Posted on October 26 2010

So I just got back from a trip to Northern California at Infineon raceway with the Cobb Motor sports team.   Not exactly the sunny California weather I was hoping for, instead we were treated to non-stop rain for the entire weekend.  As usual I was the mechanic for the beastly R35 GT-R under crew chief, and who I would consider to be head mechanic, Dustin Harris.  The weekend stared out pretty good and we were able to put down a very respectable 1.41xxx???  if I recall correctly in the ONLY dry practice session of the entire weekend.   Unfortunately the rain just progressively got worse throughout the weekend and we ended up going for the best rain setup we could muster up which consisted of softening up the suspension quite a bit and and going with some un-shaved Toyo RA-1′s  which are better than the shaved RA-1′s that we usually use but still aren’t exactly what you would consider a proper rain tire.

Due to the nature if Infineon being located on the hillside, when it rains huge rivers end up running across the track which turned out to be too much for the huge 335 sized tires to make their way through.   This resulted in our R35 hydroplaning right off the track, completely tearing off the front lower portion of the front bumper and splitter as well as puncturing one of the 2 oil coolers that are located up front on the GTR.

Luckily the car came in with 2 quarts of oil still left in the pan, just enough to keep the VR38DETT from completely grenading itself.  After some serious thrashing in the pits we ended up bypassing the secondary oil cooler completely and zip-tying and duct taping what was left of the front bumper back together we were able to go back out and run the fastest time of the day for the modified class and secure yet another victory for the Cobb R35.    These next couple of pictures show just how crazy some of the standing water was on track that day….

Check out the sweet snorkel setup on the LIC/Takata STi that they were using to try to keep the MAF sensor from becoming completely soaked.  We had something similar on the Cobb STi as well due to the MAF being located down in the fender well.

And here’s a little video that shows just how difficult the GTR was to drive in the rain……  even on waste gate pressure which is basically as little power as we can get out of it.

Crazy stuff huh??!!    Now it’s back to JDM Legends stuff which as of right now consists of some more roll cage work, updates soon!

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