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Posted on May 20 2010

I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about this before, but one of the benefits of purchasing a vehicle through us here at JDM Legends is that we provide the opportunity to bring in stock replacement or aftermarket parts for our clients.  We realize that we are dealing with older cars with sometimes hard to find parts, and we want to make sure our customers have the ability to be able to get what they need whether it be as simple as a window crank, or as exotic as a titanium header for your S20.   With this last container we brought in some parts from Rubber Soul for a customer of ours that had purchased a C10 Skyline from us and wanted some parts.  They came with this catalog that had a couple of cool pics I thought I would share.

They have a pretty nice collection of some works-style Hakosukas that are definitely worth checking out…..

Mark my words, one day JDM Legends will have a track ready Hakosuka.  And also in this dream, we sponsor a vintage-only time attack class with Redline where all track worthy J-tin come to prove their worth…..   one day ;)   I have also found last night while looking over this catalog with my 2 year old son that I could teach him  his primary colors and school him on a few of the most important vehicles to ever come out of Japan at the same time!

So there you go, print them out,  and make some flash cards and bring your kids up proper like  ;)

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