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Posted on August 15 2011

As some of you may have noticed, I usually update the blog on Fridays but this week I held off until today so I could post up a couple of pictures from what I hope will be a new tradition here in Salt Lake City.   A few guys got together on the JNC forums and decided to organize a local J-tin meet to get a few of us together and hopefully promote a little camaraderie between the local Japanese classic car scene here in Utah.  I might be mistaken but aside from the open house we had here at JDM Legends a couple of years back there really hasn’t been an attempt to get us all together in one spot.   I wasn’t about to miss out on an importunity to have a little get together with like-minded people so I decided to make the trip from our shop up in North Salt Lake down to the South end of the valley in Sandy in our 1973  TA27 Celica.

I’ll be completely honest here and say that aside form a few short little drives around the shop to make sure everything is in proper running order I haven’t really street driven  the Celica  all that much, and with a 25 mile trip South down to my house it was time to see how this car performs on the freeway.   The first thing that caught me off guard after being mesmerized by the sounds of the twin mikuni’s howling while getting up to speed to merge onto the freeway was the distinctive chime of the 105 km speed warning that all of these cars come factory equipped with that I have never actually heard before as they’re usually disabled by the time they get here.   Once the Initial D flashbacks subsided, I realized why they’re usually removed as it  becomes a bit annoying on a long freeway trip.   After familiarizing myself once again the lane positioning and left handed shifting of the RHD Celica I sat back and enjoyed the drive which I am very relieved to say was entirely drama free…..  aside from a few people hanging out of their cars taking  cell phone pics LOL.

And here we are at our destination posted up in front of my house on a serene suburban street while I try to figure out how to get into my garage without the opener which I had conveniently left at the shop.

The first two people that were eager to inspect the condition of the Celica were my two tinner’s in training, Lucy and Dax.

After a thorough inspection of the steering, and uh….  Barbie storage capacity we had come across one minor issue in the form of a small fuel leak due to a minor crack in the fuel supply line so it’s time to get this thing into the garage for a little maintenance.

How do you like my “custom” fender covers that have been modified for the JDM mirrors?   You’ll have to excuse the artsy nature of these next couple of shots as the same thing tends to happen to me every time I bring one of these cars home.    It seems that time slows down all together as I sit and stare for what must have been a good solid 30 minutes at all the intricacies, lines, and details that make every single one of these cars so special and unique.  You can’t help but sit and wonder about what this car has seen, where it’s been,  and the many experiences that have gone down behind that Nardi wheel over the last 37 years.

If you aren’t impressed by my amateur photography skills taken with the old trusty beat-up shop camera yet,  then maybe you’ll  be more impressed by what I used for a tri-pod to get the last shot.

Yep, that’s a camshaft and gear out of the first AE86 Corolla I ever owned.  Why do I keep these things around?  Who knows…..  nostalgia I suppose.

With the minor fuel leak now taken care of it was time for some rest before the show tomorrow.

I rolled in the next day to the meet with a trunk full of Pizzas, stickers and shirts right next to my favorite DR30 in the entire planet.

Being a relatively small city I was very impressed by the turnout as I think we were able to fill up the entire lot with somewhere around 40 cars.

Unfortunately I did way too much talking and not enough picture taking but I’ll show you a couple of pics I did manage to take as well as a few I have jacked from a few other guys that were there (thanks!).  First up,  I was pleasantly surprised to see a few very nice Datsun roadsters….

There were some nice S30′s as well and this one was by far the most insane.

And as you might have guessed by the plate, this one was packing a 700 HP+ RB swap to get it down the strip at a frantic pace.

It still needs a little work before it takes it’s maiden voyage down the 1320 but it’s very close to being done.  This is a drag car I could definitely get into…. check out the wheel tubs!

A little more mild mannered example here,  love the louvers.

This one also gets the best L-series engine bay award of the meet from me.

An old Auto-X buddy of mine brought down a few from his awesome Datsun collection, the first being the S30 on the end.

And also a few of his 510′s, this one he affectionately refers to as MusTurd that I witnessed in action at the last local lapbattle event.

And the other just so happens to be my favorite dime in the state.  Allan has similar taste to my own in being that his cars see regular track duty as witnessed by the R compound tires on both the 510′s that may have not been the best choice for the street as evidenced by the last minute tire change.

BRE fenders, and VG30 swapped?  Don’t mind if I do.

Another old friend of mine brought his killer JDM EF Civic Si-R that you may have seen on the blog before but this time it looked a bit more finished with the addition of the J’s racing rear spoiler.

And while we’re in 90′s territory, while I was disappointed to hear one of my ex-86 brethren recently got rid of his 20 valve AE86, I was pleased to see he hasn’t lost his mind completely and still had his era-correct SW20 MR2 sitting super Advans.   It was great to catch up with some of the guys I used to smash curbs with back in the day in our 86′s  (I know you guys remember that one ;) )

There was also this impossibly clean, factory fresh MA67 Celica Supra.

A couple of coupes from a local family of fiberglass specialists….  I think they have at least 3 or 4 between them.

I loved the “straight out of 1970″ stance on this Datsun 620.

And a similarly styled B210….  this one even had a C.B. radio :)

There were a few 86′s there as well, one being the boro style turbo GZE equipped hatch of local drift hero (and my personal go-to  guy for AE86 spare parts)  Brandon Wicknick.

The ultra clean ragtop 510 goon wagon that showed up at our grand opening was here as well.

He also brought his latest project, this dumped Hilux that just so happened to be my surprise favorite of the show

So good!  And this only added more fuel to my fire to start looking for a proper JDM Legends shop truck….

620, Sunny truck, or Hilux???   I would even take a 510 wagon…..  something so I can refill welding tanks without them sticking out of the back of the Starlet ;)

There were many more great cars there but unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of everything so this will conclude my not-so-complete coverage of the first annual Salt City Tinners meet.    I had a awesome time with some great people and I hope to have another one of these meets before the winter hibernation sets in.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Derek, Aaron, and everyone else on the JNC  forums that were able to put this little meet together, hopefully I’ll be seeing you all sooner than later.

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