Season 2?!

Joey Geurts

Posted on December 18 2018

By now many of you have tuned into our show on the Velocity Channel (Now Motor Trend Channel)

Our first season was a pilot season showcasing a little of who we are and what we do. Six episodes were filmed and the feedback received was very positive!

Now there were a lot of Nissan/Datsun builds when they came to film, so it made it look like that is all we specialize in. This couldn't be further from the truth, it was just plain coincidence and luck that when they asked to come film us that was what was on the schedule as we are a real shop with real scheduled customer builds.

We have had a blast doing work on various builds and restorations recently during the hiatus. A VR4 3000GT, FC3S RX-7, AP1 S2000, CVCC Civic, and even a couple of sweet Delica's have graced our shop recently. And of course a few Nissan/Datsuns as well.

Sooooo...... where are the cameras? What cars will be on season 2? IS THERE A SEASON 2?!

Well the official answer is we don't know.

You see, when Velocity became MotorTrend, a lot of stuff happened along with it. Departments were moved around as well as some people coming and going as is customary with corporate mergers. Along with shifting of some talent behind the scenes, MT also changed the process in which they renew shows for new seasons. In addition, the JDM Legends TV show was also being used as a testing vehicle for MTOD, the MotorTrend digital streaming services.

Well established shows like Bitchin Rides and Wheeler Dealers were placed in the lineup first. All the other shows are being analyzed, calculated, and reported one by one.

We will likely know by late winter or early spring of 2019 if there will be a second season or not. We will keep you up to date as soon as we are able to announce something.

So what can you do in the meantime? Well if you're excited to see more, we supposed you could always reach out to MT via social media and let them know how you feel. They DO listen to their audience which is fabulous.

But whether or not there is a show, we will always be here to bring these legends back to life as we have for the last decade and support this community we love and care about so much.

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  • Bryan: December 21, 2018

    Your show was the only reason I subscribed to Motor Trend OnDemand. I am not currently a subscriber. I will renew my subscription if there’s another season. I also let them know this in response to a survey they sent out.

    Really enjoyed the first season. Keep up the good work no matter what happens! Wish I lived nearby and could afford to have you guys work on my ’67 Datsun Sports 1600 Roadster!

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