1973 Celica GT




This 1973 Toyota Celica is the highly sought after Japanese market “GT” model which came equipped from the factory with the twin-cam, dual carbureted 2T-G motor.  The cylinder head was designed in conjunction with Yamaha which resulted in a healthy power output at the time of 115 PS  @ 6400 RPM from a 1.6L motor versus  97HP @5,500 RPM out of the single cam 2.0L 18R-C found in U.S. model making the engine alone a great reason to go with the Japanese market Celicas.

This car is retains the original 40mm Mikuni Solex carburetors and fully operational chokes.  A  slight pull on the choke and this car starts effortlessly and runs very well and reliably enough to be considered for a daily driver.  The steering is tight, the transmission shifts properly through all 5 gears and the twin-cam motor pulls nicely. 

This car is one of the most complete and in original condition Celicas we have come across down to the rarely seen original air-box and factory equipped air conditioning.  The interior is in great condition considering the age and the dashboard is completely intact, absent of  any cracks or sun damage.  The GT model has the optional electric power windows (front and rear) and all are in proper working condition. The carpet does show some minor wear under the floor mats but it should be noted that it is the original carpet and the fact that it still exists goes to show the lack of moisture and abuse to the floor-pans underneath.  The rear seats appear to have rarely been used and are in fantastic condition.  The front seats are also in great condition but the driver seat has been re-covered in the original style and materials by the previous owner.

This car even retains the original factory exhaust and steel wheels with optional beauty rings and the only aftermarket equipment on the car is an aftermarket header and lowering springs which are of unknown origin.

The most important factor to consider when contemplating a purchase of any Japanese car from this era is the chassis condition as rust and corrosion repair is the single most time-consuming and costly aspect of the restoration process.  The floor-pans, frame rails and trunk are all completely solid, intact and in great condition.   The exterior was re-painted around 10 years ago in Japan in the original color and the paint quality is exceptional.

We have put this car through our 100 point vehicle inspection we perform on every car that comes through JDM Legends and the inspection results as well as additional photos of the paint condition, interior and underside of the car are available by request.

Japanese market (twin-cam) Celicas are selling on the used market for anywhere between $29,000-$40,000 (not including shipping and titling fees) depending on quality and condition and you can be sure that figure will only continue to increase as fewer clean examples become available. (Source: Goo-net-exchange )

Please contact sales@jdmlegends.com for details or additional information.

This Celica was sourced in Japan and imported by JDM Legends.  All necessary paperwork and documentation has been taken care of and this car comes with a Utah state title.

Vehicle is currently in storage in Texas. Buyer is responsible for pick up or delivery cost which is not included in the price of the vehicle. However, JDM Legends can help facilitate shipping, pick up, or delivery arrangements.

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