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1967 Prince Skyline S54-B

The Prince Skyline is the origin that started the Godzilla craze we know and recognize today. Before Nissan was involved, before the GT-R was around, Prince had the passion and inspiration to swap a bigger engine in a lighter car, even if it meant lengthening the frame itself. The S54-B Skyline had a longer nose than the 1500 and was powered by Gloria’s 6-cylinder, 1,988cc (Weber triple-carb) G7 engine. As the story goes, the 2nd Japan GP was coming up so it was necessary to work round the clock to produce the 100-unit minimum required for homologation in time for the race. Although the Skyline did not take 1st place, it made such a strong showing and a spirited run that it lived on forever after. Excitement was so genuine, it birthed the creation of the legends we know and love today.

This particular S54-B was sourced in Japan by JDM Legends and was previously restored by early Skyline specialist PRINCE CRAFT in Nagano Japan. 

The S54-B was built as a bare-bones tribute of the #39 car raced by Yoshikazu Sunako that took 2nd place in the 1964 Japan Grand Prix. This car was primarily built for road rallies and street use in Japan and the engine, transmission and suspension has all been thoroughly restored with the highest quality parts and runs and drives very well.
Once the car arrived at JDM Legends we went through a bit of minor restoration work on the engine and interior to replace a few modern items for more of a period correct feel with the Kameari GT seats and Mach steering wheel as well as a complete tune-up on the engine and diagnosis of any issues with drivabilty and the electrical system. This car is currently in turn-key condition and is an absolute pleasure to drive. A beautiful article of this specific car can be found from Japanese Nostalgic Car. JNC also did a buyers guide featuring the car as well. A spec list can be found here.
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Photos courtesy of Japanese Nostalgic Car

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