1972 Skyline 2000 GT-X

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In addition to the other fine examples we currently have available on the website, we're pleased to announce another immaculate Skyline available for purchase here at JDM Legends.

This 1972 2000 GT-X is a very special Skyline for us here at JDM Legends.  This was within the first five Hakosukas we imported from Japan in the early stages of the business and it’s been through various stages of the restoration and modification process since the day we received it.  We started with a clean GT-X chassis then properly performed the rear-quarter modification for GT-R style over fenders, front and rear spoiler, custom built set of coil-overs, modified rear sub-frame, and upgraded MK63 4 piston calipers with vented rotors to get the right stance, handling, and braking.

After going through various stages of the factory-equipped carbureted L20A, the owner decided he was looking for more reliability and ease of daily use with a modern fuel-injected setup but he also wanted something that looked and sounded like it belonged in the engine bay of a 70’s Skyline and retained some of that original Nissan DNA, so we settled on the RB25DE NEO you see here.  The engine was sourced from the '98-02 R34 GT FOUR Skyline, we decided on the NEO because it has the most power of any of the normally aspirated RB series engines with the addition of higher compression and variable cam timing.  In order to extract a little more power we added a custom individual throttle body setup from the R34 GT-R as well as a stainless-steel Fujitsubo header into a modified Fujistubo twin-pipe exhaust. The fuel system has been upgraded and converted to fuel injection duties with an in-tank Holley Hydramat setup ran through custom lines and AN fittings into a Tomei adjustable fuel pressure regulator and RB26 injectors. Ignition is taken care of with upgraded Splitfire coils and engine management is controlled by a Haltech Platinum Pro standalone ECU running through a wiring specialties engine harness.


Mauricio at Cio's has done an incredible job of restoring and repainting about 75% of the car and has taken care of any exterior blemishes and corrosion problems these cars develop over the years.  We have also re-plated the chrome front and rear bumpers and entire grill and headlight bezels. The interior is still pristine and mostly stock with the higher-end GT-X level trim including the factory air conditioning unit, power windows, and optional a track player.  The only change we have made in the interior is an OEM Nissan replacement dash and a custom set of gauges designed to mimic the factory instrumentation, but also provide a much more accurate readings including a GPS based speedometer which has been converted to read in MPH.  

As with any 45+-year-old car imported from Japan, it takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort to get them to the condition you see here but after many hours of fabrication and restoration, this is our vision of a tastefully done resto-mod Skyline and is truly turn-key and ready to go! 


For additional information, Please direct any inquiries to: sales@jdmlegends.com or call us here at: 801-685-7900.


-GT-R style front and rear over-fenders
-GT-R style front and rear spoilers
-Re-chromed OEM front and rear bumpers
-Re-chromed OEM grill and headlight bezels
-15 x 9.5" -20 (front) and 15 x 10" -25 (rear) Forged Aluminum Volk Racing TE37v wheels
-205/50/15 (front) and 225/50/15 Falken Zeix tires
-Project Kics composite lug-nuts
-Custom painted "GT-Kai" badges (original GT-X grill badge comes with the car)  


-Original GT-X interior with optional A/C unit, 8-track player and power windows
-OEM Nissan replacement dash
-Custom gauges: GPS based speedometer, tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature and fuel level
-Custom Coco front floor mats on original GT-X carpet
-Trunk-mounted battery in custom aluminum battery box
-Custom front and rear coil-over setup using T3 components, adjustable front camber plates, Eibach springs, Koni shocks and Rubber Soul adjustable rear spring perches 
-Cusco front strut tower brace
- Custom modified adjustable rear sub-frame to provide additional camber and toe adjustment
-MK63 4 piston front calipers with slotted and vented rotors


-R34 Skyline NEO RB25DE engine
-RB25DET 5-speed transmission
-Spec clutch and flywheel 
-ARP head studs
-OEM Nissan water pump
-OEM Nissan timing belt/timing components
-OEM Nissan N1 oil pump
-Splitfire coils
-Custom Aluminum coil cover
-Modified RB20 finned valve covers
-Fujitsubo Stainless-steel header
-Fujitsubo stainless steel twin-pipe exhaust
-Holley Hydramat in-tank fuel sending unit
-255 LPH fuel pump
-Custom aluminum fuel supply and return lines with AN fittings
-Tomei adjsutable fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure gauge
-RB26DETT individual throttle bodies using custom adapter plate
-RB26DETT injectors  
-T3 Aluminum velocity stacks
-Vibrant oil catch can with AN fitting and braided lines
-Vibrant coolant overflow tank
-Rubber Soul aluminum radiator
-Wiring specialties engine harness
-Haltech Platinum Pro standalone engine management

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