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Here at JDM Legends, one of the vehicles we are most familiar with is the '69-72 Nissan Skyline also known as the "Hakosuka". As a caretaker, importer, and restorer of numerous examples, it is our pleasure to present this immaculate 1972 GT-R for sale. For those unfamiliar with the Hakosuka, we have given a brief summary below, followed by information on this specific vehicle for sale.

Originally intended for the luxury market, the Skyline made its debut under the Prince motor company in Japan. While it only came in 4 cylinders originally, the car was seen as somewhat of a flagship vehicle at the time. Various models, iterations, and changes would come to pass, but in 1964, the Skyline entered a new realm with the introduction of the S54 Skyline 2000GT. This version was designed specifically to compete in the GT-II class for the 2nd Japanese Grand Prix. The car went through several steps to get it race ready, most notably, elongating the wheel base to fit a more powerful 6 cylinder. In the race, the Skyline powered ahead beating long time favorites and gaining 2nd place in its first year, losing only to the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS.

A few years later, Nissan would buy the Prince brand and together, development on a new Skyline would begin. Capitalizing on the success of the predecessor, it was decided to feature the new C10 Skyline as a performance car. The car became famous in its many trims including the 6 cylinder versions, GT-X and of course the ultimate high-performance model, the GT-R.

While initially only available in a 4 door configuration in it's debut in 1969, the GT-R would eventually get a 2 door release as well. The 2 door GT-R was a limited production of only 1113 units manufactured from 1971-1972. The '69-72 Skyline was nicknamed “Hakosuka”, roughly translated means ‘Box-Sky’, an amalgamation of the phrase ‘Boxy Skyline’. The Hakosuka became a big name in the Japanese Grand Prix series. It accomplished an unheard of 49 wins in a row thanks to the famous S20 engine, triple carburetor setup, dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, hemispherical combustion chambers and 4 wheel independent suspension. The Hakosuka GT-R is quite the holy grail and is treasured by collectors, enthusiasts, and drivers alike for its amazing behind the wheel experience, high-revving inline six engine, gorgeous looks, and racing pedigree status. 

Here at JDM Legends, we specialize in early Skylines and we are very particular about the chassis we choose to import. That being said, we made a trip to Japan to personally inspect this one before having it re-painted by Classic Japanese car specialist, Garage Takeuchi in Shizuoka. Painstaking efforts were put into this car to ensure we had as factory correct of a restoration as possible. A few areas this can be seen is in the matte-silver paint and painted fender bolts in the engine bay, correct hardware, original 40mm Mikuni Solex carburetors and all appropriate GT-R interior items. The only non-factory items are the RS Watanabe wheels which replaced the skinny 4.5" wide steel wheels these cars came with from the factory as well as a Datsun Competition steering wheel, both of which were period options at the time. 

As with any Japanese vehicle of this era, chassis condition is the most critical factor and one look at the floor pans will confirm this GT-R is in immaculate condition and reflects the the 79,421 Km (49,349 miles) shown on the odometer. Another area to take into consideration is the factory seams on the rocker panels and rear taillight panel which are completely intact and visible which is commonly missing when rust repair is performed in these areas. The engine, drive-train and all electrical components are also in good running order and this car has been put through our 100 point inspection to verify proper running and driving conditions.

With the high demand and low production numbers, Hakosuka GT-R's in this condition are not easy to come by. If you've been looking to get yourself into a true piece of Japanese automotive and racing history, contact the classic Skyline specialists at JDM Legends today for additional information.

Additional chassis condition photos available upon request, please contact : sales@jdmlegends.com or call 801-685-7900 for details.

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