1989 Fairlady 200 ZR-II

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This Fairlady Z is a little newer than we typically deal with here at JDM Legends but being true Fairlady fanatics, how could we resist?   To me, what makes the Japanese market only 200 ZR so special and worth the effort to export from Japan is the fact that it is the very last Z car to utilize the iconic straight 6 motor that has been the foundation of what made these  cars  such a success for Nissan since their inception in 1969.    Better yet, this isn’t just any straight 6, but the 2.0L RB20DET turbo charged variant from the legendary RB series of motors that powered many Nissans of the era.

Typically the 200 ZR would have been factory equipped with a top-mount intercooler that would have been fed by the offset hood scoop but the location over the exhaust manifold is prone to heat soak so this one has been upgraded to a front mount intercooler setup that works more efficiently to lower intake temperatures.    Aside from that, the only other modification to the engine is a 3″ Kakimoto stainless steel exhaust that not only frees up some power but also lets the causal passer by know that this  isn’t your typical v-6 powered Z.  The other benefit of these later Z31′s is front and rear disc brakes with vented rotors along with a factory-equipped R200 limited slip differential.

Being a later 89′ model this car also has the more attractive Kouki front end and tail lights along with Shiro-style front spoiler and side-skirts.   Finishing off the exterior is a set of period correct, forged aluminum Panasport G7-C5C wheels.  The interior is in fantastic and original condition from the uncracked dash, to the Recaro designed seats with adjustbale side bolsters.  This being a 200 ZR-II, means that it also has the optional T-tops  to complete that iconic 80′s style.

The paint and body is in exceptional condition with only a few minor nicks and dings typical for the age.  The chassis is also completely free of any sort or major rust or corrosion which we all know is a very important factor when dealing with any Japanese car of this era.   As with any car we receive from Japan, we have put this car through our extensive inspection to make sure it is in proper mechanical and electrical running order.   For additional inspection pictures and detailed chassis photos please view the link HERE.

The complete vehicle inspection form including compression numbers on the motor can be found HERE.

The car is currently in our showroom here in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you have any questions about this Fairlady or would like to schedue a test-drive please call us here at the shop during business hours @ 801-685-7900 or send an e-mail to sales@jdmlegends.com

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