1970 Bellett GT-R




Isuzu began producing the Bellett in 1963 and would eventually release a GT version and then finally in 1969, the GT-R edition. Technically, the GT-R was known as a GT-Type R (Racing), using the "Type R" name long before Honda. The Bellett GT-R was ahead of its time in many ways. The 1.6L made use of DOHC technology, something that was a rare sight in late 60's Japan. This coupled with power brakes and a distinguished exhaust note make for some of the most spirited driving offered from the era. The Bellett GT-R dominated at Suzuka and Fuji raceways in Japan for years.

With only 1,400 made, this is a supreme example of prime condition and original authentication you can find. This the the highly sought after Zenki (early model) Bellett GT-R. Every part is original except for the air filters, plug wires, and rare JDM Bridgedstone aluminum RAP wheels. Here at JDM Legends, we love to offer vehicles of the highest quality. You would be hard pressed to find a better example for sale.

This car is currently located in the United States and will be sold with a Utah state title.  For more information or additional photos of the chassis condition, please contact sales@jdmlegends.com for details.

Vehicle is currently in storage in Texas. Buyer is responsible for pick up or delivery cost which is not included in the price of the vehicle. However, JDM Legends can help facilitate shipping, pick up, or delivery arrangements.

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