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Living, Breathing Legends

Some legends live on in our hearts and minds, but never see the light of day.

Some legends are mere stories handed down and spoken of as if they were myth.

Some legends, like a miracle, appear once in a lifetime making dreams a reality.

Sacred Sculpture

Photos and video dont always do a legend justice. The curve of the drivers seat, the smell of the gasoline, the intoxicating sound of the exhaust, the view of the road, and the RPMs rising call you to shift in a harmony of power, control, and majesty. JDM Legends specializes in bringing each and every element of these sensations to life, creating an art piece of perfect form and function. The only missing component is you. Let us bring you into a symphony you were born to be a part of.

Legend in the Making



Bring back a JDM Legend to life with the help of our restoration services. In house professional restoration services cover every inch of the car, from engine work to interior.


Dont want to wait to own a legend of your own? Check out our current stock of vehicles for sale to make the first step in ownership a fantasy come true.


Whether you want to bring in a car from Japan, or need help getting it street legal, trust our professionals both in the US and in Japan to bring you closer to your dream car.

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