We offer a wide range of services and maintenance work for your classic JDM vehicles. Our years of experience and simply the amount of time we've spent hands-on with these classic vehicles gives us a better understanding of the car that most modern mechanics and shops may not have. As these cars continue to get older, parts become rarer, and the knowledge and skills to work on these cars become hard and harder to find. Just like our restoration projects, our shop prides itself on giving each car a high level of attention that it deserves. No two classic cars are the same even if the models are. Each car will develop it's own unique quirks, and characteristics that need to be diagnosed and identified specific to the car. 

We can perform all maintenance work such as, but not limited to: oil change, fluid service, belts, engine rebuilds, clutch, transmission, exhaust, suspension, and more. Please don't hesitate in reaching out to us if you have any questions. 

Our hourly shop labor rates are currently $115 per hour (Discounted labor rates are available to long term project vehicles and restoration projects). That does not include parts and materials. And in a few instances, we may outsource specific parts of the work such as: powder coating, zinc coating, alignment, and a few other specific services which may have different costs involved.

Please use our contact page or email: for more information or to book your next services.