Restoration or Build


Are you interested in having a vehicle restoration or build by JDM Legends? This page is meant to guide you through the process of having your car restored by us here at JDM Legends.

JDM Legends has gained a reputation for both attention to detail and perfectionism, which has skyrocketed demand for customer restorations and builds as well as catapulted our name on to the world stage.

As with any process, there are things to consider, so lets go over the things you should know beforehand.

Step 1: Understanding the rules

JDM Legends only works on USDM and JDM Japanese brand vehicles that are 25 years and older.

We do not source cars for customers, customers must currently own their own vehicle up for work.

Your car may or may not be filmed for television or social media outlets. This is not a promise of it being aired, nor a promise it will not be. Basically, make sure your car is here for the right reasons; to have quality work done and not to be on TV. At the same time, it must be stated that we film our shop constantly, so please be okay with your car in front of a camera.

A build is any work you wish to be done on a car that does not include paint or body. A restoration is work encompassing the entirety of the car.

If a car is super rare and limited in production, there is a chance we may not be able to facilitate a restoration. This is because we can only custom fabricate so much, and original parts may be impossible to find, even for us.

Also know that we are a small bespoke shop with just 4 employees. Because of this, we only facilitate a limited number of restorations each year.

Step 2: Know your car

Make sure to understand your cars needs and condition when you reach out. Past history with the car, undercarriage and engine bay photos, even part sourcing you may have already done are all things that help us give your car the very best attention it needs.

It is important that you have the car ready to go. Unfortunately, due to demands of our focused builds and restorations, we do not have the ability to facilitate either sourcing a car for you or advising on a purchase beforehand.

Step 3: Calculating costs

When it comes to restorations, there is no sugar-coating the subject and everyone knows it; restorations cost money. Have you ever heard someone in restoration say "Whatever your budget is, double it. Because you never know what you may find when you get in there."?

Although that may be true, having your car restored by JDM Legends can save you money in the long run. Not only is our team experienced, shaving hours of labor off of jobs that would leave others scratching their heads, but our reputation of quality has preceded us. When we put our name behind a restoration, you can be assured that the workmanship was the very best, adding value to your vehicle.

In addition, we have pooled our connections and resources to make sure that you are getting the highest quality parts at the best possible pricing.

When it comes to builds however, budgets are sometimes less due to no paint or body work being done.

Our shop rate is $120 an hour, but that does not include sublet labor such as powder coating for example.

We communicate with you during the work performed and keep you up to speed on current estimates.

Estimates, however, are just that; estimates. It must be stated that because of unknown problems that may creep up, it is void of any contractual merit.

And finally, make sure to have the funds set aside and available for your endeavor. Although you will be billed in sections, we cannot at this time facilitate payment plans beyond an invoice due date.

Step 4: Lets do this!

If you want to apply to have a build or restoration done by JDM Legends, the application can be found by clicking here.

After you have submitted your application, it stays on file. Once an opening in our upcoming schedule facilitates a ready position for a new restoration, we go through the applications and find the next one that is the best fit for us.

At that point you will get a reply from us either giving the thumbs up for the project, or we will reach out to you for more information to make a decision. Unfortunately, we get several applicants each month and we cannot get back to everyone. If you receive no reply, you may re-apply after a year from the original application date.

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