1970 Fairlady Z 432






The car we have here should need little introduction for any true Z car enthusiast. This is widely known as the holy grail of Z cars, the Fairlady Z432. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, the name "432" stands for what lies under the hood,  a four valve per cylinder, twin camshaft, triple carbureted, S20 which is the same engine offered in the Skyline GT-R‘s of the same era.  This is the second most rare model of twin-cam S20 equipped cars Nissan offered at the time with only 420 units produced in total.  And to add to the significance, this is also a 1970 (Series 1 chassis) and # 052 off the assembly line. This car cost more than twice the amount of the standard Fairlady when new and restored examples have sold as high as $253,000 as seen at the RM Sotheby's Auction at Amelia Island in 2015. 

We located this car in Japan after it had been sitting in storage for almost 15 years.  As you can see, this car will require some restoration work to get it roadworthy but the most important factor is the condition of the S20 engine which we have already gone through and verified to run well with great compression numbers.  This car was occasionally used in Japan at Nakayama Circuit during the 80's and has seen some very sought after period upgrades like the addition of the Nissan sport corner oil cooler, optional 45mm Italian Weber carburetors, bolt-in roll bar, four-piston MK63 calipers, RS Watanabe wheels, OEM Nissan headlight covers and vented 280Z FRP hood.  All which are easily reversible to factory condition if desired.  

When it comes to early Z cars, it's tough to beat the pedigree of this Z432.  We also offer the option to restore this car in-house to whatever condition the buyer desires, mechanical only or full frame-up restoration.  Likewise, the car can also be purchased as-is if the buyer desires.  

For additional info or to schedule an inspection, please contact: sales@jdmlegends.com or call us here at 801-685-7900

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